Find Modern, Artisanal, and Whimsical Room Decor Online

Whether modern, artisanal, or whimsical, these collections are all thoughtfully designed and made — a trait we cherish at Cribsi. Our unique home decor accessories come from creative designers all around the world. With our selection of room decor online, you’ll find it’s incredibly easy to make your home feel modern while still adding warmth, personality, whimsy, and charm. Whether you’re after a gift that makes you smile or a modern home accent that adds convenience to your day-to-day life, you’ll find your treasure here.

Modern Home Accessories With Imagination

Modern, unique home decor accessories can look very different, but they can be blended to create the look that matches your own style. Choose modern products with the sleek Scandinavian minimalism of Eva Solo, a Copenhagen-based home design connoisseur. Layer in the warmth of organic textures from the sustainable linens of Portland Apron Company. Lighten it all up with Funny Friends, a creative stuffed animal company with handmade expressions in soft sculptures. Choose the right amount of each to create your own welcoming look.

Eva Solo unique home decor accessories

Where minimalism meets utility and comfort. Eva Solo’s products are stylish, but they’re functional above all else, making it so easy to bring modern room decor from online into your home.

Woman in kitchen wearing apron

Organic, natural linens handcrafted into the most comfortable, sustainable aprons and textiles. The Portland Apron Company is dedicated to ethically-sourced craftsmanship.

Funny Friends modern home accent

These lovely, whimsical decorations will brighten up any room in the funniest way! Funny Friends are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of both young and old.

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Looking for the latest additions to the Cribsi collection? You can find our new finds on our news page. We’re always looking out for creative new brands pushing the boundaries of what modern living really means. We make it easy to find out-of-the-box room decor online for your home — and artisan gifts, too!

Warm, Cozy, and Fun

We want to add a bit of playfulness and artisanal warmth into your home with our modern home accents. Cribsi wants to help create a space that’s inviting, intriguing, and just plain fun. Decorating your home should be a fun and wholesome experience. That’s why we got started!