Cribsi’s Modern Artisan Gift Guide

Find an imaginative gift for everyone on your list at Cribsi! We've organized great gift ideas in a variety of categories and price ranges in the Cribsi Modern Artisan Gift Guide. Our unique and stylish housewares are delightfully modern, and our artisanal and playful collections help you add a touch of whimsy and charm. Here, you’ll discover curated gifts for the kitchen, dining room, kids room, and living spaces. 

Browse our modern, artisanal, and playful collections for inspiration or check out the customer favorites and best-selling items.

Gift Ideas by Interest

Curated Gifts For Hosts

Enjoy select serveware for wine, cocktail, and cheese enthusiasts. From modern essentials to quirky decor, your host will never feel more appreciated.

Two people cheers wine glasses

Gift Ideas by Space

Gifts for your home at cribsi

For the Kitchen

From classic, high quality must-haves to creative modern gadgets, we’ve got some treasures in store.

Gifts for your home at cribsi

For the Dining Room

Find a new elegant flatware set as a wedding or housewarming gift, or explore creative table accessories.

Gifts for your home at cribsi

For the Kids Room

Enjoy whimsical decorations and artisan gifts for the kids’ rooms that young and old alike will cherish.

self watering herb station

Home Decor Gifts

Our home decorations come from unique, thoughtful designers with a passion for modern living. Cribsi is the perfect place to find a gift that your giftee will probably never have seen before. Whether you want to surprise them with a Funny Friend or just give a comforting artisanal throw blanket, we have a stylish and versatile selection for everyone.

Gift Ideas by Style

Gifts for your home at cribsi

Modern Gifts

Sleek, stylish, and modern convenience in every little detail. We love modern designs made by creative, forward thinking brands.

Gifts for your home at cribsi

Artisanal Gifts

Explore fine luxury items designed by artists and made by skilled craftsmen. Quality is never better than when it’s artisanal.

Gifts for your home at cribsi

Whimsical Gifts

A little silly, a little funny, and guaranteed to make you smile. Style is great, but why not have a little fun too?

Funny Friends plush seal

Customer Favorites

We won’t tell you what we like — let’s have our happy customers pass on their recommendations. Here are the best-selling curated gifts from across Cribsi.


Worth the Splurge

Some artisan gifts are such a delight in your everyday life that we think they’re a must-have luxury. Explore items we declare are definitely worth the splurge.

Cuisine Pro egg knife block

Can’t Decide? Get A Gift Card

Not sure what to choose out of these big collections? A gift card is always a safe bet. Give the gift of Cribsi by buying one of our gift cards.