About Us

Welcome to Cribsi! We hope you’ll find some comforting touches to add to your home from our mix of modern and artisanal products.

We love the calm, simple lines of modern design — but we also love to create a home with warmth and individuality. We look for unique artisans who care about both beauty and functionality. We want your products to look great when you’re using them — not just when they’re sitting on a shelf. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, so you may find some playful elements sprinkled in every collection.

Enjoy browsing our products and collections for your different living spaces. All our products include free shipping in the US, and we believe in no-hassle returns.

How We Started

Cribsi was born out of our love for unique products designed and crafted by passionate people. Whether it’s the modern accessory designer who creates a functional solution for a common household need in a simple aesthetic, or the artisan who brings out the natural beauty of organic materials and textures through their craft; the passion for their work stands out and draws us in. 

While we love the clean look of modern design, we could not see ourselves in a cold minimalist concrete and steel environment — it looks great in a magazine, but we simply don’t live that way. We asked an architect how he creates a warm modern look in his work, and his solution was simply to design modern spaces but use organic materials to add warmth to them. This approach resonated with us and we found ourselves selecting sleek modern functional products, but mixing them with organic artisanal textures and colorful whimsy that reflected our personality.

This gave us the idea for Cribsi: a curated collection of modern, artisanal, and whimsical products to help you find the right mix to reflect your own personality. We’re not trying to build the world’s largest collection of modern products or make you scroll through endless rows of products that blur into each other. Instead, we offer small curated collections that work well together and help you create happy moments inside your home.

Our Brands

The keeper logo

The Keeper is a new 2021 brand conceived by California artist Jennifer Mazur for Cribsi. The Keeper uses artist-created designs to craft products that adorn our everyday electronics — while staying functional and secure.

Portland Apron Company logo

The Portland Apron Company, founded in Oregon in 2012, is a home textiles brand focused on sustainability from start to finish. We choose organic materials and cut and sew every individual piece in the US. High quality is in every stitch and seam.