• Cribsi’s Home Decor Brands

At Cribsi, we work with brands that reflect our goal to offer well-made, unique home items that marry sleek, modern sensibilities with a sense of whimsy and fun. Our modern decor items aren’t a formula from someone else’s style rules; we want you to have your own style in your home. We have carefully curated this collection of home decor brands to help you create the one-of-a-kind look that makes you happy. Browse our selection to find what sparks your joy today!

Handcrafted, Artisanal Home Decor Brands

At Cribsi, we like to balance our modern collections with artisanal and whimsical brands. Our unique home decor items are not only functional and stylish, but they’re curated from brands that prioritize artist-driven work. The Keeper was born out of a California artist’s passion and desire to bring artist-created items to Cribsi. The Portland Apron Company prioritizes locally made eco-friendly textiles from start to finish, creating beautiful linens to adorn your home. We’re proud to work with these modern, fun and artisanal brands to fulfill our mission to bring functional, stylish and joyful elements into your home.

Give the Gift of Unique Style

We all have a special someone in our life whom we love to celebrate, but never know what gift to get for them. Check out our Home Gift Guide to find one-of-a-kind items for that one-of-a-kind person. From unique room decor to surprising and stylish gadgets, the Cribsi gift guide has everything you need to make any occasion one they’ll never forget.

Quality, Stylish Home Decor Brands

Cribsi was born out of a few simple ideas: make modern warm, bring joy to the home, and make quality items that last. Quantity is not our goal — we want you to treasure these beautifully designed, unique creations for years to come. Browse our collections to find the pieces that speak to you.