Romantic Valentine's Table Setting Ideas

two people cheers wine glasses over a dinner date

Want to surprise your significant other with a great meal for Valentine’s Day? While making delicious courses is central to this event, setting up a romantic dinner table well is just as important. Here at Cribsi, we’re more than happy to give you ideas for creating a picture-perfect Valentine’s Day dinner set-up.

Bring Out Your Lovely Linens

For a well-thought-out table, use table linens that complement the romantic dining mood.

If you want to create a classic, romantic set-up, go for reds or florals. But if you’re after a more modern Valentine’s Day table setting, then choose minimalist-style linens that blend well with the other design elements you have on the table.

Remember: if you’re serving pasta, thick soups, saucy viands, chocolate, or other foods that cause stains, skip the light-colored linens and go for dark-hued ones. That way, you don’t have to worry about spills that could ruin the aesthetic of your dinner table.

To further upgrade the look of your romantic table setting, use a runner as well. It will add more flair to the Valentine’s table setting and keep the dishes and centerpiece in line. Similarly, it can help keep liquid spills from damaging your table, especially if it’s made from wood.

Cribsi Tip: Go for sustainable, fair-trade products when picking linens for your romantic dinner table. Not only are they good for the environment, but they benefit those who make them, too!

Go For A Captivating Centerpiece

dinner table with wine glasses and white floral centerpiece

Without a doubt, flowers continue to be the best centerpieces for a Valentine’s table setting. But if you want to take things up a notch, make sure to go for your partner’s favorite flowers. Do they love roses or peonies, perhaps? Incorporating their favorite blooms on the centerpiece will make for a memorable Valentine’s dinner and show them you think about them.

It’s also important to choose the right vase for your floral centerpiece. You don’t want something so tall that it blocks you from admiring your date. A low vase and flowers with shortened stems will keep the view and conversations in your romantic table setting unimpeded.

Dress Your Chairs

Many dinner hosts get so busy creating a romantic dinner table that they often forget the surrounding chairs. Remember: even if your table is decorated to the nines, the entire set-up won’t be as lovely if you do not dress your chairs.

Placing a huge bow on the chair, like the one you see in restaurant Valentine’s Day table settings, is an easy fix. So is using a chair cover. But if you don’t have the time or resources to get the said items, you can cover the chairs with the beautiful linens you have at home. You can even use the plush throw blankets from the living room! Not only will they upgrade the chair’s look, but they will make it seem comfier as well.

Set the Mood With Lighting

A romantic table setting is all about setting the mood, and what better way to do that than with lighting? Instead of using the bright fluorescent lights in the room, you could make the area cozier by using lamps that exude an orange or red hue.

Like lamps, tea candles can also help set the mood for the night. You can arrange them to complement the modern decor on your romantic dinner table. Just be careful when doing so, as you don’t want a fiery accident to ruin your beautiful Valentine’s Day table setting!

Use Attractive Accessories

Modern valentines day dinner setting with candy hearts, flowers and gold flatware

Valentine’s Day is the time for you to use your best dining room accessories.

Just like the linens, you want your flatware to match the rest of your romantic table setting. If your different cutlery pieces are jumbled together, take the time to find the matching spoons, forks, and knives. The same goes for your plates — you’d want them to match the flatware and linens on your romantic dinner table. For best results, choose minimalist-style plates since they look good with almost everything.

If you have some money to spend, include a charger or underplate in your Valentine’s table setting as well. Usually seen in expensive restaurants, this decorative addition will make your table seem more elegant.

Serve With Style

Presentation matters. As you prepare your romantic table setting, make sure to use the best serveware.

Even if you have cooked the best 3-course dinner, it may not look as appetizing if it’s served in a regular bowl or plate. Make it a point to serve your food in a beautiful serving bowl or rectangular dish. It’s also good to use a condiment set that matches the flatware and serveware on your Valentine’s Day table setting. You don’t want to give your date salt and pepper straight out of market packaging!

If you’re serving some wine, don’t just serve it straight from the bottle. Use a sleek carafe, decanter, and other wine-serving basics. In fact, if you’re serving multiple wines, make sure to present them all on a lovely wine flight board.

If you’re starting things up with a charcuterie plate, pick a cheese board and tool set that blends with your romantic dinner table setting. If you’ve gone for a modern setup, skip the old-fashioned board and use one with the same contemporary aesthetic.

man and woman having dinner and wine

Include Menu Place Cards

Show off your culinary talents by adding beautiful menu place cards on your Valentine’s Day table setting. This will make your date feel like they’re in a 5-star restaurant, and as long as you follow all the tips here, your dining room should look like one!

When creating place cards, choose a design that works with your romantic table setting. For example, if you’re using several minimalist elements on the table, go for a simple, black-and-white place card. Avoid an ornate one that might clash with the table’s contemporary feel.

Get Romantic with Cribsi

Whether you’re looking to create an exceptional experience or just forgot to make a reservation, these Valentine’s Day table setting ideas will help you create a precious memory with your significant other. If you lack any of the items mentioned above, remember you can find everything you need at Cribsi. Create a romantic dinner table with our modern, artisanal collection today!