Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

Pile of Christmas presents

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate strong bonds, enjoy delicious food, and exchange gifts. While Christmas traditions can be different for everyone, it has become an age-old tradition to partake in gift giving. And why not? Giving gifts is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care about them.

As fun as it is to give and receive, what comes before can be stressful ― the shopping. Brainstorming unique Christmas gift ideas while navigating crowded stores can definitely create some holiday shopping stress. However, with some careful planning and some online browsing, you can transform your Christmas shopping into an exciting journey, discovering modern decor and luxury Christmas gifts that the whole family will enjoy.

Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift

So, you’re in the market for the perfect gift for your new sister-in-law, or maybe for the best gift for your little ones. Whoever your target gift recipient is, you’ll find plenty of unique Christmas gift ideas below without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Our suggestions range from modern housewares to artisanal designs and whimsical pieces that are sure to leave your recipients with a memorable and heartwarming holiday season.

Here are our top picks for 2023:

Unique Gifts for Homeowners

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for homeowners, we offer several items that go beyond just mere decor and offer character, warmth, and functionality.

Throw Blankets

Woven basket holding throw blankets at the foot of the bed

Looking for luxury Christmas gifts that serve as a decor piece but also add functionality into the mix? Look no further than artisan throw blankets. Everyone loves to get cozy whether it’s in the bedroom or on the couch. From our handmade Alpaca throws to our Turkish throws and our soft cotton throws, you can find the perfect throw to suit your gift recipient’s needs.

Vases and Planters

Woman in green apron arranging flowers in a vase

Planters are more than just vessels for greenery ― they’re expressions of creativity and personality. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or nestled on a windowsill, our planters give a breath of fresh air to homes, making them one of many unique Christmas gift ideas this holiday season.

If you have an orchid lover in the family, check out our Eva Solo Orchid Pot which provides the best growing conditions. For something less specific, opt for a stone flower pot which can house many different plants and flowers. Want something with more texture? How about a set of three textured porcelain vases. Whatever planter you choose, your gift recipient and their plants are sure to cherish it.

Practical Gifts for the Kitchen

Woman in flowered apron chops peppers

Elevate your gift recipient’s dining room and kitchen with these unique luxury Christmas gift ideas, sure to appease the chef within.


Person putting pot handle covers over a cast iron pot

Cookware makes the perfect Christmas gift as it combines practicality with thoughtfulness. Whether you’re gifting a seasoned chef, someone that enjoys cooking as a hobby, or someone who is completely new to the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with cookware.

If your recipient doesn’t have a specific style of cookware they prefer, cast iron cookware is a thoughtful and unique Christmas gift idea. Cast iron is adored for its exceptional heat retention, even distribution, and versatility in different cooking techniques. Our Alva Nori Enameled Cast Iron Cookware comes in four different styles to choose from so you can pick one to meet your recipient’s specific needs.


Place setting with golden yellow and black accents

Once everything is cooked, your loved one will need plates and utensils to serve their new creations. Our Cantilever line is a practical set of flatware perfect for your gift recipient to serve with and their guests to dine with. Cuisine::pro’s steak knife and carving sets make thoughtful gifts. And for plates, consider a set of nordic stoneware dinner plates.


Man in beige apron takes a knife out of a knife block

As far as accessories go, there are a few staples when it comes to kitchens that make for unique Christmas gift ideas. For starters, since cooking tends to be messy, consider linen aprons to keep their clothes clean from food residue. Choose a color and style to match their kitchen’s aesthetic or simply choose a timeless neutral.

Or you can opt for salt and pepper mills, which blend finely crafted steel mechanisms with modern wood and aluminum bodies to give a modern look to anyone’s kitchen and dining area. Paired with adjustable grinding options, these mills will ensure precise seasoning as your gift recipient cooks.

Finally, a true chef isn’t complete without a good knife block. Crafted from premium stainless steel with a sleek mirror finish and accented by an acacia wood rim, its unique egg-shaped design elegantly houses iD3 knives, providing both protection and easy access at the touch of a button.

Whimsical Gifts for All Ages

Green and purple plush fish on a table

Of course, we can’t forget the young ones — and the young at heart. Our funny plushies are the one of the best unique Christmas gift ideas sure to leave anyone feeling loved this holiday season. From potted plant plushies to butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, sea creatures, and more, there’s truly something for everyone’s unique.

Does your kid’s room feel a little stark? Do you want to give them something practical yet fun? One of our favorite luxury Christmas gift ideas is a cute bobblehead lamp. Bring personality to your kid’s room while also creating a cozy space for them to enjoy in the winter months.

Or maybe you want a gift the whole family can enjoy together? A board or trivia game is a fun way to make memories together. Sit down with your loved ones this holiday season and play a game or two!

Shop Unique Christmas Gift Ideas with Cribsi

Knowing what you’re looking for and having easy access to an online store full of unique Christmas gift ideas can really help make your holiday shopping enjoyable and successful. If you’re seeking personalized or luxury Christmas gifts, Cribsi is sure to have the perfect gift for everyone.