Tips for Adding Modern Decor to Your Bedroom

Modern bedroom with decor

Interested in adding that something extra to make your bedroom shine? Well-chosen modern decor in a bedroom can add warmth, spirit, and a sense of personality. With the right thoughtfully curated pieces any bedroom can become a haven. Discover our favorite design tips for adding modern design to your room.

Add Warmth with Artisanal Textures

One of the most important—and fun—ways to add comfortable and livable modern decor to your bedroom is to incorporate different textures. A few different textures will create visual interest without cluttering the space. In a bedroom, items like blankets in interesting knits offer style and function. Layer a fringed Turkish throw or a handmade Alpaca throw over the end of your bed or drape it over the back of a chair for an elegant accessory you’ll use again and again.

White and blue fringed throw blankets

Give Your Throw Pillows a Makeover

Throw pillows are the do-it-all home accessory: they offer an instant boost of color and pattern, but they also make any piece of furniture feel more inviting. For a modern style bedroom that is as comfortable as it is chic, choose throw pillows—or upgrade your existing pillows with throw pillow covers—in patterns that express your signature style and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. For some, that might mean a vivid geometric pattern in bright colors or for others that could be an understated but chic nature-inspired motif. 

Incorporate Ceramics

LIke throw blankets, ceramics are another wonderful way to add another layer of texture to the modern decor in your bedroom. A few well-chosen artisanal flower vases in a modern style bedroom can do double-duty: practical for showing off your best blooms and works of art in their own right. One vase on its own offers a graceful and simple accent, or you can cluster multiple vases together for an eye-catching effect. Vases are a fabulous addition to any nightstand, fireplace mantle, desk, vanity, or even an en-suite bathroom.

White orchid planted in white pot

Get Some Greenery

Plants can do wonders for any room, bringing a sense of freshness and life. Add elegance with a potted orchid and an attractive specialized pot that makes care easy, or bring a natural element into the modern decor of your bedroom with a stone planter that will hold your most beloved flowers or greenery.

Add Some Whimsy

Your bedroom should be a space to relax and recharge, but it should still feel like you. By adding fun decor that reflects your personality, spending time in your bedroom will help you reset so you can take on the next day. A plush soft sculpture is an easy way to add warmth and personality to your modern style bedroom. With one of the funny plushies from Funny Friends on your dresser or side chair, you can wake up to a smiling face every day.

At Cribsi we specialize in high quality decor and home accessories that add warmth and function to every room in your home. With a focus on artisanal pieces and unique modern items, we’ll help you express your style and get the most out of your living space. Explore our collection of modern bedroom decor online and find what speaks to you!