The Cribsi Guide to the Coolest Dorm Essentials

Living in a dorm room is an initiation rite most college students have to undergo. And while it doesn’t always provide the creature comforts one will find at home, having the right items can make everything better. That’s why you need to stock up on these cool yet useful dorm accessories before you go.

woman with heated lunchbox on table

Heated Lunchbox

Not all dorms allow microwave ovens in rooms due to fire safety. And, if you’re unlucky enough, you’ll only find one microwave in a dorm that houses 100.

Now, if you don’t want to head down to the common room and wait in line to heat your food, then a cool thing to pack for your dorm room is the HeatsBox Go-Smart heated lunch box. This lunch box can warm your food in 15-20 minutes all by itself. It distributes heat evenly so you don’t have to worry about some parts of your food still being cold (which usually happens with microwave heating).

It’s also leakproof, so you can use it to heat soups and stews or throw it in your bag for the day without worrying about spills. With its 31.25-ounce capacity and USB-C rechargeable future, you can enjoy hot meals — always. This is a dorm essential you don’t want to forget.

Flatware Set

If your dorm room has a kitchenette, you’re going to need a set of reliable cutlery. Enter the Cantilever modern flatware set, which comes with three core dorm essentials: a fork, spoon, and knife. With its unique ‘floating’ design, you don’t have to worry about drips, messes, or getting nasty germs on your cutlery when you set them down.

These dorm accessories are not only easy to clean, but they help you do your part for the environment too. Just think of all the plastic utensils that won’t go to the landfill because you got yourself a sturdy Cantilever flatware set.

Ceramic Baking Dish

Even if you’re not going to bake in your dorm, the Appolia ceramic baking dishes can still come in handy. The 7-inch petite square dish, for one, is perfect for individual portions.

This is a dorm essential you can take from the fridge to the microwave oven, so you don’t have to use and wash multiple dishes just to eat your dinner. These dishes can keep your food warm for 30 minutes after being heated which means you don’t have to reheat it over and over again. Think of all the spare time you’ll have for hanging out or cramming!

Coffee Press

If you’re like most college students, then coffee probably powers your day. While making a coffee run in the morning is part of the fun, sometimes you don’t want to spend $9 on a latte. So if you want to keep yourself caffeinated and save money in the long run, then the Bodum stainless steel coffee press is a cool thing for your dorm room. This essential dorm accessory is easy to use, just add ground coffee and hot water. In four minutes, the coffee will have fully brewed and you can get started on your day.

Coffee mug with phone, notepad, and laptop on table

Fridge Carafe

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re up all night. For this, the one-liter Eva Solo fridge carafe is an essential for your dorm. It comes with a neoprene cover to keep your drink cold (or hot) even if it has been standing on your desk for a while. Plus, it’s drip-free, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dripping on your laptop, text book or phone.

Cribsi tip: If you want to brew tea directly, all you need to do is transfer the Eva Solo tea maker filter to your carafe.

Smart Mat

As a college student, your dorm essentials should have multiple uses. You will be living in a small space, after all.

That’s why you need to get the Eva Solo silicone smart mat for your room. Not only does it serve as a table mat for your heated lunchbox or baking dish, but this dorm accessory can function as a mobile or tablet stand as well. That way, you can keep your gadgets upright as you study for your upcoming exam.


Yes, you didn’t go to college to build puzzles, but you’ll be surprised by the cognitive benefits of dabbling with them every once in a while. According to a report, this dorm essential can improve your short-term memory, problem-solving skills and visual-spatial reasoning, which are undoubtedly crucial when it comes to studying and acing your exams.

Furthermore, these are cool things for your dorm room to help you deal with the anxiety and stress that college often brings. After all, it can relax the mind and put you in a state of meditation. By making you feel calmer, puzzles can ease your stress and allow you to decompress when you need to.

Here at Cribsi, we offer a variety of puzzles you can enjoy whenever you need a cognitive boost. From the engaging Paris puzzle to the Obuhanych cat puzzle, these dorm accessories can help you study and blow off steam.

New York puzzle, coffee, and bagel on table


They say that stuffed animals are just for kids, but that’s not the case. Even college-bound adults need these dorm essentials, too. After all, they can offer a feeling of comfort and security, especially for dorm-based students who are miles away from their loved ones.

With our Funny Friends soft sculptures, you can get the above-mentioned benefits while adding whimsy to your space. Available in various designs, such as flowers, fish, celestial bodies, and so much more, these are cool things you can use for your dorm room decor.

Dorm living can be quite tough, but you can make everything better as long as you get these cool yet useful dorm essentials. With these high-quality products, you’re sure to make the most out of them in your four (or more) years in college. And yes, don’t be surprised if you manage to take these dorm accessories back to your childhood home after graduation!