The Cribsi Guide To Modern Outdoor Entertaining

Four adults enjoying an outdoor entertaining party at home

Outdoor entertaining doesn’t just have to be about a standard barbeque, you can be hosting an exceptional backyard dinner party. It’s an opportunity to gather with your favorite people and create lasting memories. Transform your outdoor space with our tips below, and let us help you make your party an enchanting experience for all.

Choose Your Overall Aesthetic

Every event starts with carefully choosing a theme that will set the overall ambiance of your gathering. At Cribsi, we like to start with the modern path and layer in warm artisanal textures and maybe some bright colors for whimsy. Don’t worry – modern doesn’t have to be cold or boring!

Embrace the allure of modern decor with a touch of artisanal warmth. Mix natural textures like wood or stone with vibrant pops of color or patterns to create an atmosphere that’s both cozy and magical.

Table Decor

The table is the centerpiece of your outdoor dinner party. This is where the flavors of the food and conversations come alive. Dress up your outdoor table with handmade table linens and set the table like you would for an indoor dinner party.

table set-up for an outdoor entertaining party

Colors And Accent Pieces

For a welcoming and sophisticated look, we suggest playing with a neutral color combination, including earthy tones of chestnut or sepia, with warm gray, cream, white, and a muted tone of a complementary color of your choice. Design it with succulents in small concrete planters or a floral arrangement in a modern vase that can add to the charm of your outdoor entertaining party.


You can also layer your table with multiple linens that have different cuts and textures to add intricacy to your design. Mix and match both modern and whimsical table decor elements – but don’t overdo it to still create that visually captivating look.


For kitchenware, choose modern serveware for your outdoor entertaining night that showcases intricate patterns and artisanal craftsmanship. Use elegant glassware to add luxury to the tables of your outdoor dinner party.


Your choice of plates also adds up to the overall table design. Layer multiple plates to dress up the table and elevate the feel, or choose simple stoneware plates to let the other items on the table take center stage.

Small details, like colorful baking dishes to serve sides add a touch of whimsy to the table, while still maintaining that modern, elegant feel for your outdoor entertaining event.

Outdoor Furniture And Decor

Create a more inviting atmosphere your guests can fully immerse themselves in by adding imaginative accents that can spark conversations with your guests.

wind chimes at the garden

Create some sitting spaces throughout your backyard for socializing. You can add some cushions and throw blankets in different colors and textures to accent this outdoor furniture and make it cozy.


For an outdoor dinner party and any other nighttime event, lighting can enhance the overall mood of your event. You can hang delicate string or fairy lights or lanterns that can cast a warm glow.

friends enjoying in the backyard with string lights

You can also create a magical atmosphere by illuminating your backyard’s pathways with torches or lanterns. This guides your guests through an ethereal garden landscape. Add statement accent pieces like an oversized floor lamp to create a focal point as well.

Dress up Your Outdoor Kitchen or Cooking Area

If you have an outdoor kitchen or grilling space for hosting a backyard dinner party, elevate your outdoor entertaining game with practical but sleek modern kitchen accessories that effortlessly complement your modern-themed outdoor gathering.

Ensure that you have enough space for food preparation, serving, and entertaining. Remember, people love to gather around where food is cooked, so adding an outdoor cooking area can help enhance the main social areas of your outdoor entertaining event.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Space

If you don’t have a built-in outdoor kitchen, that’s okay. You can create a temporary one for your outdoor dinner party by putting all the outdoor kitchen necessities. Then, add a portable grill or stove nearby and an ice bucket to keep your drinks chilled..

portable grills for outdoor entertaining

Add some tables for food preparation that doubles as the separation between the outdoor kitchen and the entertaining space. Cover your table with a tablecloth that matches your color palette, and add decor to give your DIY outdoor kitchen some inviting charm.

Don’t Forget The Wine

No other outdoor entertaining event is complete without wine to complement the flavors of your culinary creations. Have some wine-serving accessories prepared to easily get ready for a toast!

people saying cheers at an outdoor entertaining party

Display your wine selections on a stylish wine rack at your outdoor dinner party as well. This functional design also doubles as a decorative element. Also, use wine decanters and glasses with unique shapes to enhance your guests’ drinking experience.

Don’t forget to set up a cocktail table with outdoor serveware for your guests to walk around and self-serve to easily engage with the drinks and guests.

Level Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Game

Hosting a modern outdoor gathering is an opportunity for you to create an inviting atmosphere that captures the hearts of your guests.

With all of these thoughtful decorative yet functional outdoor details, you can craft a memorable outdoor entertaining experience that’s both visually captivating and emotionally fulfilling. This gives your guests a lasting and memorable backyard dinner party experience they’ll surely cherish forever.

Make your outdoor gatherings more special with Cribsi. We offer contemporary and artisanal outdoor ware that works as conversation starters for your guests. Shop for our high-quality home accents today to start creating happy moments in your backyard!