The Cribsi Guide to Creating a Modern Christmas Living Room

Christmas tree in a living room

Decorating your living room with a few modern or contemporary Christmas decor pieces is a good start to make your space ready for the holidays. But as the host of this year’s yuletide celebration, it’s important to create a space that is welcoming and cozy enough for hosting, gift-giving, and all other holiday hijinx.

As the home of modern decor (and so much more), Cribsi offers accents that deliver aesthetic, functional, and emotional value. We want to help you create that perfect Christmas morning in your living room with the help of our modern-meets-whimsical product line.

Add Some Throw Blankets

modern living room with Christmas tree

Unless you live in a tropical region, Christmas will most likely be cold which is why adding cozy blankets to your living room is a must. Choose something that complements the rest of your modern Christmas decor, like our artisan blankets.

Our handmade throw blankets are made from premium materials like Alpaca fiber and 100% cotton. Known for its silky, luxurious texture, our plush Alpaca throws can keep you comfortably warm as you gather round the Christmas tree. Available in various designs, our artisanal blankets can give your living room that cozy, Christmas feel.

Go For Decorative Pillow Covers

Pillows do more than just make your guests comfy as they exchange stories (or gifts). They can also double as contemporary Christmas decor, so long as you choose the right decorative pillow covers. At Cribsi, we offer a variety of designs to fit whatever theme you choose. Our red pillow cover is the obvious choice if you want to have that splash of red in your Christmas living room.

We also carry black and white patterns that blend well with a monochromatic living room design and cool-colored designs that fit contemporary holiday themes.

Make It Fun With Plushies

Green and purple stuffed fish on a table

If your family and friends are the comical, jokester kinds, then we recommend embellishing your hosting space with funny plushies. Designed by Jennifer Mazur-Becker, these modern Christmas decor pieces can be placed on the sofa, table, or even under the tree. From flowers to insects and sea creatures, our Funny Friends will make your Christmas living room special and unique. You can even give one as a gift or use it as a centerpiece for some holiday games.

Display Greenery

Certain flowers, such as the poinsettia, are synonymous with Christmas. Apart from having that holiday red color, this plant is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

Understandably, displaying such flowers can add more emotional value to your space. If you decide to add some poinsettias and other holiday blooms to your space make sure to place them in some proper vases or planters. These contemporary Christmas living room decor pieces come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, so you won’t have a hard time picking the best one for your holiday blooms.

Warm Things Up With Wine

wine glass next to a santa hat

Wine represents celebration ー and what better time to celebrate than when all your loved ones are gathered in your living room for Christmas?

When it comes to serving wine, it’s best to use a crystal or glass decanter so the wine can breathe properly. Another tip for properly serving wine is to chill the bottle in an ice bucket before you pop the cork. Before you open the bottle, make sure to grab some high-quality drinkware.

Serve Snacks in Style

Group of adults around a table with wine and charcuterie

No holiday gathering is complete without snacks. But if you want something that will impress your guests ー and serve as impeccable modern Christmas decor at the same time ー then opt for a festive charcuterie board.

Our collection of charcuterie board basics comes with everything you need to create that impressive snack plate. Our cheese tool set comes with three knives for spreading soft varieties, slicing semi-soft ones, and breaking the hardest cheeses, plus a stout fork for serving.

For best results, line your Christmas living room table with any of our table linens. Not only will they make cleaning up easier, these can enhance your space’s overall aesthetic.

When it comes to hosting guests this Christmas, playing with modern decor is not enough. Establishing a cozy space is just as essential. So if you want to create happy Christmas moments in your home, then be sure to incorporate our artisanal products into your room.