Summer Decor Ideas and Trends for 2023

Modern living room with gallery wall and leather sofa

Summer is a wonderful time to reconsider your home decor. With longer days full of sunlight, hotter temperatures, and a shift in atmosphere, it makes sense that you might want your home to reflect the warmth and ease of the season. Read on to discover the best summer decor ideas for 2023 and get inspired to enliven your space.

Go Green Inside

With all that is blooming outdoors it’s easy to neglect indoor plants this time of year—but plants are an important element of fresh summer home decor, not to mention a boost to air quality and a boon to your health! Dress up your space with fresh-cut flowers displayed in unique vases or cultivate an indoor herb garden that’s both pretty and functional. Potted or hanging plants look wonderful on coffee tables, nightstands, or even in the bathroom for an unexpected and lush finishing touch.

Yellow linen napkin on white plate with sprig

Kitchen Linens in Bright Colors

Brighten up your kitchen linens in time for longer days full of sunlight. We love reusable linen napkins for entertaining and for simple dinners at home—a green alternative to paper napkins that makes even the simplest snack feel inspired. The hottest summer decor ideas for the dining room and kitchen incorporate vivid colors like indigo, dandelion, and citron for a bold finishing touch. Colorful placemats and table runners will also help dress up any meal.

Printed Curtains

Warmer weather is a great opportunity to reconsider some of the textiles in your home and swap out heavier fabrics for airier options. Winter and cooler months are great times for heavier fabrics that help insulate your home and provide a cozy atmosphere, but in terms of spring and summer decor ideas, you might want to lighten up. For 2023 we’re seeing a ton of prints, especially when it comes to window treatments and curtains. Florals, stripes, polka dots, and block prints are all popular for the coming season. Don’t be afraid to go a little bold and bright—this is a season to be playful and experiment with color and texture.

Elegant Entertaining

With summer comes loads of outdoor dining opportunities, so make the most of the season with pretty but practical serveware. Update your pantry with fresh wine glasses to fill with summer spritzes and opt for wooden serving bowls, which are perfect for salads, sides, or even making that simple store bought bag of chips look like sophisticated summer home decor!

Blue and white striped throw blanket draped over white chair

Striped Textiles

 There’s something about stripes that add a sense of freshness to any space. Stripes are also a wonderful complement to a variety of decor styles, from traditional to modern decor. Adding a striped blanket or throw to a bedroom can create a sporty feel, while a striped rug in a living room or dining area is sophisticated without being too serious. Larger stripes can convey a nautical look, wonderful for summer, while narrower stripes or pinstripes feel a little more subtle but still a fun way to play with one of this year’s hottest summer decor ideas.

Get Ready for Fresh Seasonal Meals

 Whether you’re someone who loves finding seasonal produce at your local farmer’s market or you simply want to enjoy the produce you’ve grown yourself, small kitchen upgrades can create more space for you to cook and bake. Seek out space-saving yet functional modern kitchen accessories like knife stands, cutting board holders, kitchen utensil organizers, and cabinet storage solutions that keep everything you need at-hand while remaining neat and tidy. These kitchen summer decor ideas can help you cut down on your cleaning and prep time so you can enjoy the season and all its bounty.

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