Just Added - More Eva Solo Accessories

The Eva Solo collection of accessories helps with your everyday uses in a minimalist but functional design.

With the Eva Solo toolbox organizers & utensil caddies, you can have easy access to your tools in a space-saving easy to carry design. The organizers' wooden carrying handle doubles as a divider for organizing your tools. Use these utensil caddies on your kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, office desk, or craft room table.

The Eva Solo sugar & creamer set combines modern design with easy-serving features. The creamer lets you pour milk or cream without dripping due to its 100% drip-free stainless steel pouring spout. The sugar dispenser automatically releases one teaspoon of sugar when turned upside down.

Eva Solo tool caddy in white shown with flatware  Eva Solo Utensil Caddy In Black Shown With Wooden Cooking Spoons  Eva Solo Tool Caddy In White Shown with Craft Supplies  Eva Solo Utensil Caddy in Black Shown with Cleaning Tools  Eva Solo Sugar & Creamer Set


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