Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father hugs child at a kitchen table
We know how challenging it can be to find unique and cool gifts for Father’s Day. That’s why we curated this gift guide to help you come up with presents that speak to your dad and make him feel loved.

Let’s dive in!

1. For the Backyard Griller 

BBQ pepper mill used for grilling

Dads love grilling — and that’s not just a stereotype. A Forbes report identified why fathers are committed to manning the grill. There is some element of danger involved (fire!), and it provides a good venue for hanging out with the other guys. Most importantly, it requires little-to-no cleanup.

Reasons aside, if your dad is a die-hard grill master, then our unique Father’s Day gift recommendation would be the Peugeot Saveur BBQ pepper mill. Specially designed for outdoor grilling, it’s made with a stainless steel base and rubber protection rings that can withstand the unforgiving outdoor weather. Plus, it comes with a convenient hanging hook, so your dad can store and use it effortlessly.

2. For the Meat Lover 

Person using a carving set to serve a roast at a dinner Table

If your dad is usually the one taking the helm in the kitchen, make sure he’s outfitted with the best tools for the job like the Cuisine Pro iD3 carving set.

Made with Japanese stainless steel, this cool and unique Father’s Day gift can slice through the gamiest of meats as if they’re made of butter. And, with its lifetime guarantee, you don’t have to worry about buying another carving set for your father ever again.

Cribsi Tip: Be on the proactive side of things by pairing this set with a knife sharpener. With its fancy design and easy sharpening features, there will be no dull knives in your dad’s collection!

3. For the Outdoorsman

If you want a cool Father’s Day gift for him to use on his next adventure, then make sure to get him our portable Eva Solo porcelain table grill. While it’s smaller than the grill he’s used to, it’s a good choice to keep him fed while he’s on the go.

Another great thing about this unique gift from our Father’s Day guide? It’s not just for camping or fishing trips. It can be used for small gatherings in the park, beach, or backyard. With its convenient handle and bamboo resting trivet, it’s so easy to use that your dad might just forego his big, bulky outdoor grill. Just kidding, he’ll want both!

Hydration is another important thing to consider, especially if your dad enjoys hiking. Get him this Elemental insulated sports bottle, which keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Compared to similar products, it comes with an easy-open lid that makes it easier to use.

4. For the Handyman

Is your dad constantly fixing things? Then you should get him the Eva Solo tall toolbox organizer, especially if you’re the reason why he has to patch things up so frequently. Available in black and white, this sleek caddy will keep all of his repair tools organized.

This unique Father’s Day gift makes it easy to find his stuff too, as he doesn’t have to rummage through several unkempt toolboxes to get his screwdriver or pliers.

5. For the Coffee Enthusiast

Coffee bean grinder with beans, espresso and croissant
Most, if not all, dads run on coffee. So if you want your dad to get a perfect cup of Joe every morning (or every other time he wants), then be sure to give him the Bodum Chambord coffee maker. This unique Father’s Day gift will give him the finest brews every morning, thanks to its mesh filter which maintains the essential oils for a more robust flavor.
If your dad is particular about his beans, then throw in the L'Arbre A Cafe Coffee Mill as well. This cool gift from our Father’s Day guide comes with 11 settings, so your dad can create everything from a fine grind for espresso to a very coarse grind for cold brews.

6. For the Wine Aficionado

While most dads love beers and brews, some prefer wine more. If your father is one of these few, then make sure to get him our wine and champagne chilling bucket. Made with chrome-plated stainless steel, this unique Father’s Day gift comes with chilling units that he can stock in the freezer and take out when it’s time to drink.

Created for indoor and outdoor use, this bucket from our Father’s Day gift guide can keep your dad’s wine or champagne cool — even if he decides to take it to the backyard this sweltering summer.

7. For the Liquor Lover

Jar of Vesper infused liquor, fruit, and cocktail


If your dad loves to unwind with a drink in hand, do him a favor by cutting his prep time with the Vesper cocktail jar. Each jar contains a blend of fruits and non-GMO sugar, so all your dad needs to do is fill it with his liquor of choice.

This unique Father’s Day gift comes in different flavors, including Tropical Mango Rum, Red Velvet Sangria, and Mint Paloma. While this is a gift for dad, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on some for yourself so you can craft cocktails together.

8. For the Kid at Heart

No matter how old your dad is, he’ll surely enjoy one of our Funny Friends plushies. These cool Father’s Day gifts come with happy colorful faces that are sure to make your dad smile. Not only are they decorative, but they can serve as bigger, more vibrant alternatives for stress balls.

There are so many of these unique Father’s Day gifts to choose from, ranging from aquatic creatures (think sharks or stingrays) to monkeys and potted plants. Get him his favorite design, or go all out and spoil him with multiple friends!

With this Father’s Day gift guide, you no longer need to look far and wide to get your dad the gift he deserves. Here at Cribsi, you’ll find a wide array of unique Father’s Day gifts that you can get with free shipping. Beat the holiday rush by shopping our collection today.