Just Added - Sustainable Houseware Products from ME. Mother Earth

Our eco-friendly housewares collection features 6 great products from ME. Mother Earth for household cleaning, grocery shopping, and pantry storage that help you reach your sustainability goals.

The loofah dish sponges replace traditional foam and plastic sponges for dishwashing and household cleaning. The multipurpose brush has an ergonomic wooden handle and sisal plant fiber bristles (agave plant) for cleaning dishes, vegetables, or other household cleaning. The scrub brush features stiff but malleable bristles designed to handle heavy duty cleaning for scrubbing out stuck-on food, removing labels from jars, tub and shower build-up, or other tough stains. All three are 100% biodegradable.

The kitchen brush is made from beechwood and sisal fiber (agave plant) and features a removable & replaceable cleaning head to reduce waste.

The extra large cotton mesh market bag is washable and reusable, and it can replace up to 4 plastic bags in each grocery trip. The small, medium, and large cotton mesh produce bags are washable and reusable, and each comes with a drawstring and a wooden bead to close it. All four bags are lightweight and foldable - yet strong and durable, so you can keep them with you for whenever you decide to shop.

2 sets of double-layer loofah sponge 3-packs  1 biodegradable multipurpose brush with sisal bristles  2 biodegradable scrub brushes with sisal & palm bristles  Kitchen brush with replaceable cleaning head and spare  Set of 3 cotton mesh reusable produce bags in S/M/L sizes  1 Extra Large reusable cotton mesh market bag


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